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Happy Monday everyone! This will be a new feature to the website, I plan on blogging at least once a week!! I am not yet positive what I will be blogging about, which I think will keep it fresh and fun. I am overdue for some good fun! So look forward to recipes, DYI and other shenanigans as we move forward!

Today I would like to talk about the spiritual part of Dragonfly Dreams…I know. Pretty deep stuff for the first post Donna…

Not really. I promise.

When I opened the store I did have the intention that it be New Age like in many aspects…it is an interest I have had for many many years…I have been drawn back to it more and more recently. I know that incorporating it into my little business is what was meant to happen. Campbell River seems to fall a little short when it comes to being able to find people that do spiritual work. I want my store to be a place where you can make that connection. I want you to come in and feel like you have been here a million times before, I want it to feel like home. I want it to feel safe. I want it to feel happy.

The girls that do my intuitive readings were sent to me in crazy meant to be ways. I didn’t know either of them before we started, but more than one thing made it work out so that we found each other.

I truly believe that nothing is coincidence. Nothing is left to chance and everything works out the way it needs to. If not, we then we repeat the lessons we are being sent until we get it right.

I know this from my own personal life. Don’t worry, I won’t go there, but trust me, there is a little bit of hard learning going on for me right now. I am taking my lessons in stride, knowing full well that the truth will prevail…and all I can do is take the next best step to make the outcome what it needs to be.

I have also learned in this time, that intuitive guidance is the best counselling and direction I ever could have asked for to help me change my thought patterns and move forward. I am really not sure what mindset I would have right now if not for the guidance and love from these two fabulous women, and of course my amazing friends.

I am more and more sure every day that opening this store was the right thing to do, it feels so right to me on many levels, and your feedback has been amazing!

We have tarot readings pretty much every Saturday from 10 to 3. If you would like to have a 15 minute reading ($20) Adrienna and Suzy ask that you have a specific question in mind. If you would like a longer reading we also have 30 minute ($40) and 1 hour readings ($80). Audrey is also available during the week, just call the store and we can book and appointment!

Adrienna also offers Reiki Sessions 1/2 hour $40 and 1 hour $80. I highly recommend the hour long session. Amazing.

So drop in and say hey…the shoppe is open 6 days a week and closed on Sundays.

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