April 29, 2016


about pageDragonfly Dreams Gifts came about a large part because of my need to craft and make beautiful things and in a small part out of necessity.

A few years ago I decided that the lotion in the stores didn’t quite cut it for me. I wanted a product that lasted longer, contained less crap and really made my skin feel soft and look smoother. So I started researching and experimenting. Now, more than two years down the road, I have a product that I am proud of. One that really does all of those things I was originally looking for.

The crocheting aspect of the shoppe is one that has spiralled out of control (joyfully for me) it all started innocently enough with me making a couple of dishcloths…I now have a wide variety of crochet stuff in stock with always more on the make.

The hippy girl in me loves me a good candle, that is how the soy candles came about. I don’t want to pay $20 for a candle that I can make for way less, and have fun while doing it. I am lovingly passing this on to you.

I also have a small addiction to Pinterest which in turn brings out the creative monster in me on a pretty full time basis. I might only end up making something once, but I will always have a good selection of cool stuff that I have experimented making. There will always be something new in the shoppe and new deals every week!!

I started the shop in my house and have now decided that it is time to go retail! The new store will be open on July 1 2016. I am really excited about having a store again! I will be taking local arts and crafts on consignment as well, so if you know anyone that makes great stuff send them in!!

I look forward to seeing you soon! Donna.