A Welcome Shift…

When I opened Dragonfly Dreams Gift Shoppe in July, I had a dream. I had what I thought was a vision. As usual the Universe had bigger plans for me. I find this happens quite often. Things are never what I think they are going to be.

Usually they are better, for that I am grateful.

The store has become a sanctuary for me these past months. A place to go where I feel safe, and loved and surrounded by some of the most amazing people…people I expect and many that I don’t. It really is awesome.

When I first opened the store I didn’t have a clear picture of how strongly having tarot readings and the spirituality was going to play into who I am now becoming.

To say my whole life has changed from opening this store is such a huge understatement, I can’t even begin to explain it. Every. Single. Thing. has changed for me.

I now know that the spiritual part of the store…is the store. I am there for something far bigger than I can even still wrap my head around. And it is awesome. I love every aspect of what I am doing. I love the constant change. I love trying to figure out what I want the store to be when it grows up, and I love how often I am guided by everyone and everything that touches our little corner.

When I initially took the location, I didn’t even think I was going to use the two extra rooms in the back nevermind play a huge part in who we are becoming. I didn’t realize that I was given that space for a reason…I some days think that the vast empty part of the mall that still lingers behind us may soon need to be added into what we are growing to be!

In the next few months things will continue to change and grow, I am hoping to soon offer Stone massage, Reiki and a few other goodies that we will add in as we go!

I am interviewing new readers this week…which basically means they are helping me straighten out my own stuff while we see if we are a good fit! This also works with the massage. Did I mention that I love this freaking job?

I still love the retail part of the store too, my creativity sometimes gets a little out of control, and it is pretty great to have a place to set that free. I will be changing things up a little from where they are right now in the next few weeks as I am finding that some of the things I thought were going to work out are no longer fitting what the plan has begun to morph into!

Make sure to stop in one day soon and say hi and check out what we have going on! I will keep posting on facebook as things change and I will keep updates on the website as well! If you have any questions or are interested in any of the new services that we are going to offer, please feel free to give me a call! And we are always open to suggestions about things you would like to see or experience!

See you soon!

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